Our 30 Years of Dog Training Experience:


Aaron Cheney grew up training and running bird hunting dogs his whole life.  He joined the United States Air Force in 1985 and became a K9 handler after basic training.  Aaron was a K9 handler for multiple deployments and at his station in the United States until 1998 when he was stationed at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, TX.  During his time at Lackland, he became the lead trainer over all explosive K9 teams for the military.  After 9/11, the demand for K9 explosive teams sky rocketed and he was sent out on buy trips to Europe.  On these buy trips, he was charged with evaluating hundreds of dogs to purchase a couple hundred to bring home.  Once those dogs were brought into Lackland, Aaron was charged with training these dogs with their new handlers and shipping them off to their duty station.  After Aaron retired in 2005, he enjoyed his retirement by running his hunting dogs on paid bird hunts in North Carolina.  He was then hired by K2 Solutions to train K9 teams to deploy overseas.  After his contract ended with K2, he went to being a contract K9 handler in Tennessee where he decided to retire.  He opened K9 Training 101 in 2016.  He handled his K9 for 4 years before deciding to do K9 Training 101 full time.  His experience includes dog training for the US Department of Defense (DOD), Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), US Customs, and local law enforcement agencies in multiple states.

K9 Training 101